Pyjaming Guide

A few words about what you can, or actually should, do in pyjamas. And why it's nice to be less serious from time to time.

1. Dance in the morning

Heat the pan, turn the music on, make a kitchen your dance floor and move your hips around to create your very own dance style.

2. Read by a desk

Some books require focus - sitting upstright in complete silence, eyes are following the text and pencil in a hand is ready to write your ideas on the margin.

3. Or read on a sofa

Other books require comfort - sofa, friends and rhubarb lemonade.

4. Housework!

There are also tasks that may surprise you and require unlimited comfort - drilling, vacuuming, fighting with a tap or sewing a hole up to mention a few.

5. Invite for a dinner (by a candlelight)

Some situations require special preparation - a lit oven, folded napkins and candles. Just like in Lady and the Tramp.

Psst… Bubu bandanas will help you avoid tomato sauce stains.

6. Visit friends

Buy flowers or a chocolate box and visit your loved ones. Do it without any announcement. After all, you don't always have to have everything planned.

7. Shop

Visit a local bakery or grab an ice cream in your pyjamas. Just like that. It is more than enjoyable.